Restoring Equality through Education and Advancement of Children
Introduction to REACH

Sixty-nine years after independence, the foundational idea of India, that of a secular, democratic, republic affording equal opportunity to all, remains largely unrealized with many parts of this country never having experienced these ideals.

The Foundation believes that in the long run disadvantaged parts of the world can only be economically and socially uplifted by the inhabitants of the region itself i.e. people that are ancestrally, socially and culturally linked to the land. To that end, The Foundation has decided to work in the most underserved parts of India from where it will select children, give them an unparalleled education from (grade 6 up to employability), multifaceted experience and exposure, both deep and wide. So that in 15 years they return to their homelands as world class professionals who will inevitably assume the role of thought leaders and change makers.

REACH (Restoring Equality through education and Advancement of Children) was launched in 2006. It is an educational initiative that provides long-term, full scholarships for bright students from lower-income families within politically and/or economically disadvantaged parts of India, and enroll them in the most appropriate schools of the highest standard.

We believe where better to start bridging the divide between the two Indias than in the classroom. The dream is to nurture hundreds of children from the furthest corners of the country with the deepest, richest education India can provide. Children who will then return to their homelands as thought and action leaders, bridging the gap between their communities and the world outside.


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